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Beautiful eyes for my fantasy sculptures ^w^

I bought these glass eyes from VaeNoxFactory on Etsy about a week ago. They look very nice and they are perfect for my dragon sculptures. They also came very fast. I ordered them last Sunday and I got them today(Switzerland—>Finland)

I highly recommend VaeNoxFactory to anyone who needs fantasy glass eyes. There’s lot of different colours and sizes and it’s possible to order them in pairs or individually. Also, prizes are very good in my opinion. :) 








Never really realized how much fat was inbetween organs too!

This is why people shouldn’t get discouraged when they first start losing weight. Its not gonna come off your tummy and thighs first its gonna come off between the organs.. where it shouldn’t be!

These visualizations are some of my biggest short-term motivators. They help me remember that a lot of the physical changes that occur from healthy habits are in parts we can’t see.

I couldn’t agree with Risa more. It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel like your hard work isn’t yielding any results, but things like this help me to remember that progress isn’t always visible. But that certainly doesn’t mean it isn’t occurring.

Visualization of how fat accumulates.

some helpful inspiration for my bros who are working hard to get fit…keep at it guys!

And, actually, the fat you really need to lose for health reasons is the one that’s between your organs. That’s the one that causes most of the problems!

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